Online Learning Systems

Online Learning Systems in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies are designed to support the social constructivist learning experiences we provide our students. We use an assortment of synchronous and asynchronous to enhance large and small group discussion and collaboration.

In order to successfully run the software and connect to our e-learning systems, you will need to have both a recent computer systems and a broadband Internet connection. Please consult these resources for information and recommendations on a minimum computer system and bandwidth requirements.


OpenQwaq (previously known as Teleplace) is our second generation 3D virtual world, which provides enhanced collaboration capabilities such as shared document creation and editing, localized sound regions for small group communication, and embedding of web and multimedia elements within a 3D immersive workspace.


AsULearn is the Appalachian State University course management system that allows classroom interactions to extend onto the web. AsULearn is primarily an asynchronous system that allows faculty to post course information, hold class discussions, and accept assignments online.

Wimba Classroom

Wimba Classroom is our audio and text communication platform, integrated within AsULearn, which provides synchronous learning opportunities including voice over Internet, instant messaging, polling, application sharing, and creation of breakout rooms for small-group discussion and collaboration.

Other Systems

There are several other online systems and library resources that may be used in your courses here in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies.