OpenQwaq (formerly known as “Teleplace”) is our second generation 3D virtual world, which provides enhanced collaboration capabilities such as shared document creation and editing, localized sound regions for small group communication, and embedding of web and multimedia elements within a 3D workspace.

Download and System Requirements

To access OpenQwaq on the ASU server you need a username and a password and the OpenQwaq software. This software will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, as well as MAC OS X 10.6 (Intel CPU only). Download our version of OpenQwaq from this page.

OpenQwaq Overview

See this page, which provides an overview and descriptions of many tools and interactive elements available within an OpenQwaq forum.

Tutorials for Getting Started in OpenQwaq

We have produced a cheat sheet and a video tutorial to get you started using the OpenQwaq on our server here at Appalachian State.

Troubleshooting and Issue Resolutions

Common issues and resolutions for OpenQwaq

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions and answers from our current and previous users of the OpenQwaq. Look here for information related to installing the program, as well as communicating and moving around in this 3D world.